The by-laws on this website are provided for information purposes only and are not to be taken as legal documents.
For accurate reference, please consult the official By-laws.
Official signed documents are available upon request at the Municipal Office.


Governing the Proceedings of Council -
By-Law 2016-001

Accountabilty and Transparency -
By-law #608

Delegation of Powers and Duties -
By-law #610

Remuneration of Council Members -
By-law #2010-675 (amended By-Law 2016-011)


Hiring Policy - By-law #528

Notice By-law - By-law #607
(a by-law to prescribe the form, manner and the times for the provision of notice)

Marriage Solemnization
The Deputy Clerk is authorized to perform marriage ceremonies within the municipality of Gillies.
Appointments must be booked not less than three business days in advance. Please
By-law #006 for services available.



Obstructing Roads -By-law #558
Bylaw 2016-022 Maintenance Standards


Dogs Running at Large -                 
By-Law 2010-656
     Amendments: By-Law 2011-681,
     By-Law 2014-005,
     By-Law 2016-015 (effective Nov 1st 2016)

     Office Consolidation

Roaming of Large Animals -
By-law #524


Building Permits - By-law #2013-720
Please see section below for more information.

Open Air Burning

Burning Permits - By-law #2013-725

Gillies Township Waste Disposal Site By-Law


By-Law 2016-020            

governs the disposal of waste in the waste disposal site.



Zoning By-Law
 By-Law 2014-018 governs zoning regulations  

Building Permits

Any structure or building having an area greater than 10 metres square (108 sq. feet) shall require a building permit prior to any construction, renovation or demolition commencing. Regardless of size, any new structure that is to be attached to an existing building, and any deck that is 0.6 metres (2 feet) above grade, also require a permit. All construction must follow the Ontario Building Code and must meet or exceed its criteria for construction and demolition. It is the responsibility of the building permit holder to meet these requirements

For information on Building Permits in Ontario please see the Citizens's Guide to Building Permits (PDF File) published by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing.

The following information is applicable to Building Permits in the Township of Gillies, including application forms.

Application Forms:

Building Permit Application (PDF File) - this form to be submitted to CBO or Municipal Office, together with other required documents in order to apply for a building permit

Sewage System Installer Schedule 2 - this form is to be submitted with an application when there is a proposed construction or alteration of a sewage system. Sewage system permits are required and are issued by the Thunder Bay District Health Unit Septic Field Division (PDF File) 625-7990

Declaration of Applicant (PDF File) - this form to be submitted with every building application. By signing and submitting this form, the applicant acknowledges their responsibilities as a permit holder

Authorization of Owner (PDF File) - this form to be used by the owner(s) to authorize an agent, or another owner to apply for a building permit on their behalf

Information and Application Guidelines:

Building By-law (PDF File) - sets out the policy to apply for a building permit, including what comprises a complete application, inspections, etc.

Schedule of Building Permit Fees (PDF File) - fees must be submitted with all applications before a permit will be issued

Advice to Builders (PDF File) - this document provides information on how to apply for a building permit and what information is required to be submitted

Required Permit Drawings (PDF File) - this document sets out what drawings are to be submitted with a permit application

Required Inspections (PDF File) - this document sets out the stages of construction at which the applicant must call for inspection; this form to be completed by CBO and given to applicant when the permit is issued

Declaration of Non-Occupancy (PDF File) - this form to be submitted when a permit is to be renewed after the one-year expiry

Commitment to General Reviews by Architect and Engineers (PDF File) - this form to be submitted with a building permit application when Division C, Section 1.2 of the Code applies (all buildings over 600m2 in gross area or three (3) storeys in building height; or buildings for assembly or care or detention occupancy); or for any building containing specialized equipment; or any arch designed construction or component that is an engineered system.

Ministry of Transportation Building and Land Use Permit (PDF File)- View the MTO's Building and Land Use Policies to see if you need a permit from the MTO.


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