The Municipal Office is located at Whitefish Valley School at 1092 Highway 595, in Hymers, 1 kilometer north of the Highway 588 junction.
The entrance to the Township Office is around the side of the building, two doors down to the left of the School's Office entrance. Signs are posted. There is no entrance to the Municipal Office through the school.

The address for the Township Office is:

R.R. #1, 1092 Hwy. 595
Kakabeka Falls, Ontario P0T 1W0

Phone: 807-475-3185
Fax: 807-473-0767

Municipal Office Hours:

 Normal hours:  
Mondays 8:30 am - 6:30 pm
Tuesday - Thursday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
changes/exceptions noted on
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Gillies Staff Directory

Jenna Hakala
Municipal Clerk
Phone: 807-475-3185

Laura Jones
Treasurer / Deputy Clerk
Phone: 807-475-3185

Shara Lavallee
 Deputy Clerk
 Phone: 807-475-3185
Fax: 807-473-0767

James Gillies
Roads Maintenance Coordinator
Phone (Municipal Garage): 807-475-3165
Fax: 807-473-0767

Damian Bouwers
Deputy Clerk/Treasurer Intern

Gordon Cuthbertson
Chief Building Official
Phone: 807-708-7548

Scott Hole
Fire Chief
Phone: 807-577-2554

John or Jeanette Meijaard
Livestock Evaluator
Phone: 807-475-8325

Renata Thiboutot
Alternate Livestock Evaluator
Phone: 807-577-7343

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