Fire Permits....

Burning permits are currently required.  They are valid for the entire fire season and may be obtained at the Township Office or Green Acre Variety Store (corner of Hwy 595 and Hwy 588).  Please exercise caution when burning.   

Waste Disposal Site Hours

The Waste Disposal Site is located at 289 Neva Road. It can be accessed via the Neva Road entrances off of Highways 595 or 588 or via Turk Road off off Highway 595.

Saturday 11 AM to 5 PM - All Year

Wednesday 6 PM to 8 PM - May 1st to September 15th

Residents Only to Use Landfill Site

Validation tag required

Recycling is mandatory

Only waste orginating and/or created by residents allowed.

All furniture, including mattresses, are to be broken up into its component pieces and placed in the designated areas, according to each piece's composition.

A valid sticker is required to be affixed to your windshield in order to enter the Waste Disposal Site. Replacement stickers are available at the Municipal Office for a fee of $5.00. Temporary stickers are available for $5.00 per day if you need to borrow another vehicle to bring your waste to the Landfill (i.e. you're doing a special clean-up; renovation waste, etc).

Bag Tags are mandatory. Please call or visit the municipal office if you require more bag tags.

For more information:

Waste Management By-Law
Bag Tag Policy

Gillies Township Recycling

The Township's recycling program accepts #1 & #2 plastic bottles (with necks only), metal cans, tetra paks, milk cartons, paper, paper egg cartons, cardboard and box board. Your recyclable materials may be placed in a "recycling bag" - a bag intended for recyclables. Please do not place garbage or shopping bags in the recycling bins.

Electronic Recycling (E-Waste)

Residents may bring their electronic waste to the Landfill Site. What is-Waste and what types of e-waste can be recycled?  (PDF File)

Recyclable Material Plan

The municipalities of Neebing, Oliver Paipoonge, Shuniah and Townships of Conmee, O'Connor and Gillies, received 100% funding through Waste Diversion Ontario's Continuous Improvement Fund to develop a cooperative Waste Recycling Strategy entitled Moving on Diversion: A Recyclable Material Diversion Plan

. This plan forms the basis to shape the future recycling programs and initiatives at the Landfill Site.


 a) Only waste originating from and/or created by residents of the Township of Gillies is permitted.

b) Recycling of all recyclable materials is mandatory. All recyclable materials as defined above shall be placed in the designated areas, or as so directed by the Waste Site Attendant.

c) All permissible waste as defined above shall be deposited in the open trench except for recyclable materials, burnable materials, household batteries, automotive batteries, mercury containing items, electronics, electrical appliances and scrap metal which shall be placed in designated areas.

d) Furniture, including mattresses and vehicle seats shall be permitted, if broken up to the greatest extent possible of its component pieces and the resulting pieces placed in the designated areas according to each piece’s composition.

e) Residents are only allowed one truckload or one trailer load of waste per day provided that each garbage bag has a bag tag affixed.




a) No resident shall dispose of waste at the Waste Disposal Site on behalf of a person who is a non-resident, or dispose of waste that originated from and/or was created from the household or business of a non-resident.

b) No person shall dispose of non-permissible waste at the Waste Disposal Site.

c) Non-permissible waste includes hazardous waste, hauled sewage, sewage, animal or fowl carcasses, automobiles, industrial waste, agricultural waste, medical waste, demolition waste, used fuel tanks, used paint or paint cans, motor oil, recyclable materials and renovation waste.

d) Non-permissible waste includes refrigeration and freezer units unless the units are tagged by a certified refrigeration specialist indicating that the Freon has been removed.



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