Fire Protection Committee


This committee was formed to address fire protection services. It details mainly with he Volunteer Fire Department and shared emergency services. Archival records indicate this committee was previously known as the VFD Liason Committee.  Meetings are scheduled on an as needed basis. 

General Advisory Committee


Originally called the Strategic Planning Committee, it has the mandate to provide background research and to prepare recommendations to Council on any matter reffered by Council. Accomplishements include the recycling program and Pee Dee Park gazebo. Research was conducted on solar lighting and a multi-purpose municipal building.

Roads Advisory Committee


This committee addresses the service delivery of roads construction and maintenance for the Township of Gillies. An annual roads tour is conducted in the summer with all members of Council.  

History Group Committee


This committee was formed for the purposes of preparing and publishing a history book. Please see History Book Page for more information. 

Waste Management Committee


Under Construction