Welcome to The Township of Gillies

A Growing Community


Municipal Office

Located at the side of the Whitefish Valley School 

R.R. #1, 1092 Hwy. 595, 

Kakabeka Falls, Ontario 

P0T 1W0   

Phone: 807-475-3185     

 Fax: 807-473-0767   


Monday 8:30 am - 6:30 pm  

Tuesday - Thursday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm 

Closed Fridays  

(closed 12:00-12:30 for lunch)


Current Status of Local Roads as of 10:00 am June 7th

Highway 595 is open near the Gillies Community Center 

Rose Valley Road - water has receded and is passable

Chimo Road - Water has receded and is passable

Palisades Road - Water has receded and is passable

Leeper Road - Water has receded and one lane of traffic is open

Neva Road - waster has receded and is passable

Silvaggio Road - water has receded and is passable

Dave's Road -  Water has receded and is passable

Pee Dee Road - water has receded and is passable

Pee Dee Park - is under water. Residents are asked to avoid the park until water has completely receded.

The following is a list of roads that remain unaffected or have had little damage to no damage by localized flooding:

  • Union School Road 
  • O'Neil Road
  • Moore Road 
  • Annala Road 
  • Turk Road
  • Parker Road 
  • Liddicoat Road 
  • Couch Road 
  • Woodbeck Road 
  • Prouty Road 
  • Hymers Fair Drive 
  • Main Street 
  • Tomack Road 
  • McKecknie Road 
  • Old Silver Mountain Road (Gillies side)

Reports to the Office indicate the following: 

Hwy 608 is open to through traffic

Old Silver Mountain Road on the West side (Nolalu side) has a large washout and is impassable. 

Blaikie Road in the Township of O'Connor is closed to through traffic

Podre's Road on the Neebing Boarder has water over the road. Will be open sometime tomorrow.

Harstone Drive will be closed until 5 pm today. 

Several roads in Nolalu are reportedly impassable at this time. 

Disaster Recovery Assistance for Residents

To find out if you’re eligible and apply for financial help after a natural disaster please contact the Township Office.


Disaster Recovery Assistance for Ontarians (DRAO) is a program that can help you recover costs after a natural disaster. We may activate DRAO for damage to private property if there’s a sudden, unexpected natural event, such as a flood or tornado that causes costly and widespread damage in your area.

If you are eligible, you could be reimbursed for:

  • clean up expenses
  • costs to repair or replace essential property
  • basic emergency expenses like evacuation travel costs

Upcoming Council Meetings

Regular Council Meeting 

Monday July 8th 2019 

7:00 PM

Agenda 07-08-2019 (pdf)



Gillies Volunteer Fire Association

The Gillies Volunteer Fire Association received $5,000 from TbayTel For Good.

The Gillies Volunteer Fire Association wants to build a live fire training facility using sea-cans. Having a local facility will deliver high quality training experiences without having to send firefighters to cost-prohibitive and time-consuming courses. Mutual aid partners departments will also benefit by training together to improve firefighting preparedness. 

Well Done!


It is the policy of The Corporation of the Township of Gillies that citizens with disabilities achieve accessibility in the provision of goods and services by the Township to this community, consistent with the principles of independance, dignity, intragration and equality of opportunity as set out in the regulations of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2015. 

If you have recieved any correspondence/communication from the Township we would gladly provide it in an alternate format if requested.

To provide feeback to the Township please download the file below and email or mail to the Township office. 

Accessible Customer Service Feedback Form (pdf)


Notice of Road Closure


Main Street between Prouty Road and Lysak Road in the Township of Gillies is closed, 

starting December 1st 2015 until further notice.

At the November 9th 2015 council meeting, the following resolution was passed:    

RESOLUTION NO. 2015/225    

Moved by Councillor Wright; Seconded by Councillor Groenheide:



THAT the portion of Main Street, beginning at the intersection of Main Street and Prouty Road and ending at the intersection of Main Street and Lysak Road, is temporarily closed starting December 1st 2015 until further notice    

AND THAT notice be posted as per by-law 607   


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Township of Gillies

RR1 1092 Hwy 595, Kakabeka Falls, ON P0T 1W0, CA

(807) 475-3185

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